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Our commitment is to provide daily quality services to ensure your satisfaction


 1. we monitor and measure to ensure the highest degree of satisfaction
 2. we provide you with information
 3. we stick to our time-tables
 4. you can easily identify your bus
 5. Accessibility is facilitated even more
 6. Your journey is always comfortable and pleasant
 7. We watch over your safety
 8. We always listen to anything you have to say
 9. We are respectful of the environment
1. Measure to better satisfy you:
To ensure compliance with its commitments on network measurements are regularly made and will make an annual survey measuring customer satisfaction with external offices specializing in conducting the surveys.
2. Make available information
Your network is committed to inform you legibly and accurately in peripheral agencies and bus stations and on our website
3. Follow the schedules
Your network must minimize your wait time at stops and to facilitate correspondence.
Thus we aim to provide 95% of departures to stop with a maximum of 5 minutes late.
4. You can quickly identify your bus
Able to quickly identify the bus waited, the line identification and management performed by the vehicle are our main aspects. Thus the network agrees to indicate in a legible manner on each vehicle number line made and the destination
5. Promoting accessibility
Accessibility for all is our value to the network and the SRTB ensure improvement and encouragement of accessibility in buses and in stations.

6. Ensuring a comfortable ride and pleasant

Your network is committed to make travel a pleasant and comfortable thanks to:
A courteous drivers from recipients;
Buses clean and in good condition
Ride comfort

7. Ensure your safety
For us, your safety is a priority, and we are committed to provide regular technical inspections of vehicles for maximum reliability
8. Listening
Your network has to sell you a considerate and attentive to your needs by providing you with sheets and boxes of observations customers and ensure the processing of your comments within 21 days.
9. Respecting the environment
Your transport network should be aware and respectful of the environment. So we are committed to take concrete action to contribute every day to a better quality of life.


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