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 Placed under the authority of the Ministry of Transport, the Bizerte Regional Transport Company is a service company which provides:

» The public transport of passengers on the urban, suburban and interurban neighboring governorates, Sousse and Monastir).

» Buses renting out for:

The transport of personnel of industrial enterprises in the region.

Various trips organized by schools, sports teams, associations and individuals.

The SRTB in the figures

    The network operated : 15.6 thousands kilometers.

    Number of routes: 214 lines.

   Number of daily trips: 3100 trips.

   Number of places offered daily: 16 859 places.

    Number of passengers per year: 40 millions.

   Number of kilometers traveled per year : 15.4 millions

   Number of offered mileage places: 1.174 millions.

   Fleet: 211 buses.

   Workforce: 705 employees.



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