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Infrastructure of the SRTB

We weave each day new extensions of our network and therefore we ensure optimal closeness to our customers. The SRTB has several agencies and relay points throughout the region namely:

Bizerte Central Agency operating:
        » The urban lines (periphery of Bizerte)
        » The suburban lines (between the various delegations in the region).
      » The intercity lines (Tunis-Bizerte, Bizerte-Tunis-Carthage Airport, Bizerte-Beja, Bizerte-Ain-Drahem, Bizerte-Monastir).

  Menzel Bourguiba agency .

Mateur agency.

Ras DJEBEL agency.

Sejnene agency.

Relay of Utique.

Relay of Ghare el Melh.

Relay of avenue of Hassan Ennouri Bizerte.

Major Workshop located in Zarzouna (route de Tunis, Kilometer 5).

Training Center

 This is because our customers are all different; we offer the same performance to all of them.

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