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our assets

1. Infrastructure

 To improve working conditions, the productivity of our employees and efficacity of maintenance operations, SRTB has undertaken the modernisation of its fixed and mobile equipment and installations.
  To maintain the reliability of its fleet, SRTB constantly updates its fleets and makes sure it has all the necessary safety equipment and devices.

2. Cleanliness

SRTB is aware of the fact that the cleanliness of its fleet has an impact on client satisfaction and has thus
equipped its :
  depots at Zarzouna, Ras Djebel and Mateur with a bus washing installation.
  monitors the maintenance of proper cleanliness of its buses before they go on duty, during their hours of work and also rigorously and constantly ensures that the buses are cleaned and washed and that the premises are kept clean.

3. Human Resources

  Targeted and scientifically-based recruitment
  Our qualified personnel is especially trained in fire fighting and first aid.

4. Maintenance

  Equipement serviced and maintained a a level of reliability throught systematic maintnance and planned. 
  Preventive maintenance of equipement relating to security and control of the vehicule.


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